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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

So, I read Life of Pi by Yann Martel last week. I was more pleasant to read that I thought it would be... I expected it to be preach-y, but it wasn't too bad.
Yann Martel begins the book by basically telling you that the story contained within will make you believe in god... which is a really egotistical was to begin a book. While I enjoyed the story, I felt nothing really spiritual at all.

One problem I found with the book, is Martel makes a big deal at the beginning of the book about the main character being Hindu, Christian, and Muslim all at once, and how the religious leaders and his parents didn't understand or accept this at first, but later came to just go along with it. Something I found problematic, is that while the book is meant for the masses, and it is heavily revolved around religion, it gives little background information on any of the religions. I studied Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism in college, but I have no knowledge about Islam - so I wonder if I missed anything in the book because of that. For a book claiming to convert the reader to spirtuality, I feel that a little more info could have been given to back up the story.

About the ending... when I first read the book last week, the ending was really frustrating and anti-climatic... but after thinking about it for a week... I now think that I like it. When I first read that the whole book might not have happened and may have just been a euphamism or mataphor for what went on between the humans, I was outraged! I felt like it was a cheap movie ploy where they show something outrageous happen.... and then cut to the alarm clock going off and play it off like a dream sequence. But after thinking about it for a while... I realize that the character is right. Would the book be interesting IF the story was about humans? There are plenty of shipwreck/plane crash, etc. stories out there.... do we need one more? Leaving it open-ended gives the reader something to think about.

Which story did you prefer?

The only other mentionable thing is... I would not recommend reading this book while eating (i tried to read over lunch and had to throw out my food) especially if you are a vegetarian. The descriptions were so vivid, I literally felt sick to my stomach... which I guess was the author's point.
Anyone else feel that?
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