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hey guys

your friendly maintainer here. sorry i've not been posting my books-i read sort of furiously for a few weeks and have been laying off since. also i've been reading a lot of scifi/fantasyish books by my childhood favorite author (anne mccaffery) and also books about running, and i'm pretty sure no one is interested. also i decided to finally finish up reading the last few stepehn king books i hadn't.

just for posterity, here is a list of what i've read since i last posted(2/04/05). if you would like a review of any of these books, let me know.

Night Shift-Stephen King
Rose Madder-Stephen King
The Talisman-Stephen King and Peter Straub
DaVinci Code-Dan Brown (i thought i was the last person to ever read this, but karen had me beat!)
Dragonsblood-Todd McCaffrey
Black House-Stephen King and Peter Straub
The Green Mile-Stephen King
Running For Women- Claire Kowalchik
The Idiot's Guide To Running
The Quotable Runner
The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul-Douglas Adams
Acorna- Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball
4 Past Midnight- Stephen King
Killashandra- Anne McCaffrey
Crystal Singer-Anne McCaffrey

-and a couple others)

i am currently reading Acorna's Quest and Watership Down and Jenna Jameson's Biography ( I read half of it at a friend's house and i HAVE to finish now!).

i may post short little reviews of some or all of those books later. i have one of these, so i have at least a little something written down about each book already!

one last thing-i am not the kind of person who cleans my house once a week. i let the mess accumulate for a few weeks, and then have a cleaning binge day or two. during this time i listen to books on tape. i actually look forward to cleaning sometimes because of this-it's really the only time i get to listen. the books i listen to are stephen king's dark tower books. i've read all of them, but it's really cool to hear them aloud. stephen king has said that george guidall read the books uncannily how he wanted them read, so it's really neat to hear them JUST the way king wanted you to. the only downside-i download my books from audible or itunes, and each book is about 20 burned cds long!! it takes FOREVER to burn them too. so, that's just an idea for any of you-your favorite book might be available to listen to while cleaning, walking, working, making things, whatever.


Community Note, for future reference:

If you'd like to make a post with reviews of multiple books, the maxiumum is 5 books per post. If you read 12 books, and you want to review all of them at once, that's fine, but please break it into 3 separate posts. The reason for this is that when putting posts in the memories, they can only have 5 keywords (authors) and the title for them can only be so many characters long. Thanks!
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