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Greetings my fellow book lovers! :)

My name is Lisa, some of you may know me from high school. I've always loved to read, so much that in elementary school I got in trouble for sneaking into our "playroom" and finding books to read in bed, after I was supposed to be asleep. I have a black sheep tattooed on my foot and that would be an accurate way to describe me: the one person who you can't "put" anywhere. Eternally stuck in the middle and often easily overlooked. But I like Me. :)

I literally just last night finished reading The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld. A review will be posted soon. I've spent the majority of the summer unemployed and bored stupid, so Barnes and Nobles and I have been having quite the love affair. I want to have Running With Scissors read before it hits theatres so that one I've already started.

My favorite authors are Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiassen. I'm hoping to add more. These two I list because I have yet to be disappointed by anything they've written. My favorite book, EVER, is a children's book. The Girl With the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts. I enjoy reading just about everything except sci-fi and politics. While I'm not closed to reading anything historical or religious, I have yet to read anything from either of those categories I've liked. I stay far away from anything war-related.(Personal reasons). I prefer fiction, unless it's a good bio/ auto-bio. I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions for a good read. :)

So... that's me. Hi!
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