Extraordinary Machine (lisavee) wrote in illiterophobe,
Extraordinary Machine

Current readings...

Just to give y'all an idea of what I'm reading...

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber - Adele Lang
My guilty pleasure ;) I found a marvelous Used Book Store in my area and got this for $4.95. Hardback. This book is also a (B) movie with (aack) Jennifer Love Hewitt in it. I happened to be bored one day a looong time ago and saw this on USA or something. Despite JLH and her eye-popping boobs, it was a cute movie. Has some obvious differences from the book, but that's to be expected nowadays.

Running with Scissors - Augusten Burroughs
I wanted to have this finished before the movie comes out. Don't know if that'll happen now that I've been promoted to working 40 hrs/ week...

Body Language - Julius Fast
Wayyy more in-depth than I originally anticipated. Very though-provoking. Wishing I'd bought it in hardback now instead of paper, because the small font size gets to me sometimes.

The Birth Order Book- Why You Are the Way You Are - Dr. Kevin Leman
Another B&N impuse buy, that was totally worth it. I applied a few things I read to people I know, and thought, "ohhhhh- that makes sense!" Kind of cool ;)

As you can see by my last 2 books, I like learning more about non-verbal communication and understanding people based on situations they've had no control over (such as birth order)that have shaped who and how they are. The next book I want is one on hand-writing (analysis). Any book suggestions along these topics I would love to hear!
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