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you may think she's an open book...

but you don't know which page to turn to, do you?

books! books! books! books! books! we read them.
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this is a book review community. it is closed, but only to keep it from potentially growing out of control. i personally do not want to sift through 30 reviews a day on my friends page.

that said, please join only if you are going to actually write reviews of the books you read. if you'd just like to read other people's reviews, you can simply add the community as a friend. you will still be able to comment.

this bio may sound unfriendly, but don't worry! the community is not!

if you'd like to join, please send an email to the contact above. tell me something about you and i will add you. at this time, i will add everyone who asks, basically.

when you join, introduce yourself! tell us your favorite books and 2 or 3 favorite authors. i will add your favorite writers to the list of interests for this community.

feel free to review any and all books you read. but also do not feel pressured to do so. i will not, for example, be reviewing 'laborador retrievers for dummies,' one of my latest.

here is an faq of sorts. you MUST read it before posting, and preferably before contacting me to join.

your (nice and friendly! i promise) maintainer is melena and her AIM name is melenaconsuela should you have any further questions.